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Getting up early is not as easy as it sounds!

This week, I started working at the post office as a temp, because they're currently swamped with all the Christmas cards everyone sends to everyone. I was going to deliver the post, but due to some unfortunate things, they already had enough people there. So I'm sorting out the post and prepare it for the postman. Don't worry, the machine does most of the work, all I need to do is add the magazines, newspapers, lost mail and other things in between. :)

That started on Tuesday and it was already weird getting up at 7am when I had no reason to get up for well... months. Actually, ever since I graduated in July. But you know, it's part of life and I've had worse, so it wasn't too bad. The job is not too complicated, but requires a lot of attention and care. It's easy to master, yet still a challenge to do it as fast as you can without making any mistakes. Wednesday went alright as well, but then I got asked if I wouldn't mind helping out at the post boxes... And me, of course, just had to say 'yes' to that.

You see, the post box sorting doesn't start at 8am like all the other mail. No, it's done long before that... because you start at work at 6am!!! Now, for some people, this will be easy. You get up at 4:30am or 5:00am, and you're instantly wide awake. No problem. I'm more a night owl than an early bird, though, and getting up at 7:00am is already a challenge... let alone getting up at 4:45am every day except Sunday... and on Sunday I go to the animal shelter, so no sleep for me either on those days.

But things are going quite alright so far. :) I've had my third day of getting up early and although I felt brain-dead when I got home, I didn't even need to take a nap! Still, I wonder how I'll be like on 24 December, after my last official day of working there. Well, my contract runs up to 5 January 2013, but they didn't think they'd really need me after the Christmas rush is over... And at the same time, the big boss there hinted that maybe after the Christmas holidays, we could talk about me staying there permanently. I think they know I could be a valuable asset to them in the management or such. I mean, I do have my bachelor's degree, I am quite smart, I pick things up easily... Maybe they would be willing to invest in my career with extra courses and such, so I can become part of the team that runs everything. :)

Other than that, I was supposed to have a job interview at McDonald's today... just the one place I've always tried to avoid, but they do offer great chances to grow to manager positions, so... It may be flipping burgers for a year or so, but I've got opportunities and willing to take them whenever they pop up! However, that job interview got cancelled, because the person holding it was ill. XD So no news yet on McDonald's and flipping burgers. I'll have to come back on the 18th now.

Still, my biggest dream right now - from all the job applications I've sent - is to be invited and accepted as junior employee animal emergency care. Impressive title but it basically means I'll have telephone duties and guide a group of volunteers. Still, it's for the local animal protection organization, and I'd just love to work there. The closing date was today, so... who knows... I hope I'll have some positive news soon! :D

Anyway, off to bed now, where I'll try to pull this dream job closer to me. ^^ I don't just want it, I know I'd be perfect for it too! (Now if only I could say that without any doubt...) And dreaming, of course, about Rei and Laurian and my 5_times challenge. :) I got a start... now the rest!
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5 times...

So, after spending some time browsing through those fandom challenge communities, I've decided to start with the one from 5_times. I haven't claimed a couple, because it's gonna be not exactly fandom, but oh well... I can always do it just for myself. :) Besides, nine out of ten of those communities haven't been active for the past two or more years.

So, from 5_times, I've chosen the following table:

Table Two:
1) kissing
2) teasing
3) in love
4) falling
5) waiting

The pairing will be Hino Rei with Laurian Trellan, though I'm not sure if it's going to be St. Catherine's universe. Quite possible, it will be sort of related, but it won't be adapted into the story.

Title will be "Five times to say I'm sorry" or "Five times I said I'm sorry". I haven't quite decided yet. :) First version will be handwritten, but the first revision will be on the PC. I'll also post them here after that. ^^
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Time to revive my old LJ blog

It's been a long, long time since I last visited LJ. I must admit that Facebook really took away the 'urge' to write here. So easy to share brief status updates on Facebook, something which I used to do on here, that my LiveJournal blog really became a forgotten dusty corner on the internet, filled with virtual cobwebs no doubt.

Still, part of me missed this blogging, and I've tried various blogsites, such as Blogger or WordPress, but they were... too open. And I didn't feel comfortable sharing all my thoughts and feelings on such an open blog. Unless you kept it private, but what's the use of that? Things have also... not been going great the past few months and I noticed more and more the urge to 'go back in time'. I've been listening to Weiß Kreuz, something I haven't done for years and really reflects my life when I was 16 - 18 years old. I've had the urge to rewatch various anime - again something I haven't done for many years. I'm currently rewatching Sailor Moon and thinking back of those good old days in 2006 and St. Catherine's RPG...

So in a way, I suppose it was natural to feel the urge to look up my old LJ blog, maybe dust it off and start afresh. Sort of afresh; I'm not going to delete any of the old posts I have, since every word written in this blog is a part of me. But I am going to try and visit this place more often, post again more frequently and I've revamped my Friend's list. Because most of my friends... well, I haven't been in touch with them for years or they are no longer updating their LJ. Either way, aside from sailornash, I've decided to throw everyone off my friend's list and start again. Of course, I'll add you back in a sec if you'd want that! :D Just let me know if you're interested in getting back in touch with me!

Anyway, I won't bore anyone - mostly myself... - with longwinded rants over being unemployed and facing this hopeless situation on my own. Right now, I just have one Christmas list I'd like to post...

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F-list clean-up time

I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I think I'm going to clean up my friend's list just a bit. There are a few who I've friended quite some time ago, but with whom I've sort of lost contact.

Now my rules for removal are the following:

- You have been on my friend's list for more than a year (so new friends don't need to worry :))
- I never, or at least rarely, read your posts and I almost never - if at all - comment on your posts
- I have a feeling you never read my posts or at least you never leave comments on it. It's okay, but for me it's a sign we just don't have anything to share anymore, so why stick around? :)
- You never post and I'm not even sure if you will read this. In which case you won't even notice that you're off the list. ;)

Of course you can always leave a comment here if you want to remain on my friend's list. While not necessary, it would help to explain why you'd want that.

It of course also possible that you want me to remove you, but you don't yet fall under my rules of removal. In which case, just leave a comment.

Removing will start as soon as this is posted, but this will be open for all to read, so you can always come back and leave a message to add you back again. Again, it's nothing personal, I don't hate any of you, but in my opinion if you never do anything with a person on your f-list... what's the point of keeping them, right? :)
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Elfpath blog

For all of you who read my last request for new members and may have dismissed it anyway, I'd like you to take at least a look at the following blog. It's from a fellow EP member who's sharing his ideas about EP.

Elfpath blog written by EpicLunatic.

Please, pretty please read it?
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Elfpath is looking for new intro course members

Elfpath is about to start a new intro course and it's still looking for a few members to complete the ranks. So before I begin with the general information about what Elfpath is and what it does exactly, I just want to say a few words. Those of you who are not yet a member of Elfpath and who have been following my journal may have a slightly prejudiced view on this community. There have been times where I felt some uncertainty towards it, or where changes approached me so quickly I felt like running away. But this does not mean that it's a bad thing.

I know plenty of you - if not all of you - have daily problems like anger and fear and sadness. You may feel lost at times - or all the time - or wondering if you are doing the right thing. Maybe you feel depressed or feeling like you had such a better life when you were younger, friendlier, kinder.

Truth is, you've been covered with all kinds of negative energy since you were born, damaged if you want, which makes us such miserable, people-hating, angry, scared human beings. Believe me, I know I was before I started my intro course. But you can change that, and even if that change is scary, even if Elfpath is scary and all the things you learn there, it's so worth it! I've been feeling less scared of things and more free than I've ever done before. You learn how to trust yourself and your instincts, you learn how to listen to yourself and do what YOU really want, instead of what people expect of you. You learn to eliminate fears and anger and other issues, and how work with your chakras and how to become a healthy, intuitive human being who in turn can help others with their damaged, unhealthy energy systems.

So I'm here begging of each and everyone of you: please, don't just ignore this post. Keep an open mind while reading it, and don't just dismiss it with the thought of "yeah, but I'm not such a spiritual person, it's nothing for me". It's for everyone, spiritualist or a sceptic scientist. And the intro course is free, so you've got nothing to loose, except maybe time. So give it a try. Read the text, go to the website, sign up. Experience for yourself what changes you can bring about in your own life, and how good those changes feel.

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Selfish meme

Like kira_k posted in her journal:

Selfish meme: Comment here and offer to write in a fandom we both know and love. I'll give you a prompt and/or a pairing and you need to write a 'comment-fic': a drabble, a sample, a few sentences. Then post this on your own journal and demand fics for yourself! You deserve it just like I: we had a long week, we need quality fics. :D

Possible top ten fandoms off my head:
1. Doctor Who (2005, seasons 1, 2 and 3)
2. Torchwood (season 1)
3. Sailor Moon (anything except Sailor Stars and the live action thingy)
4. Games! (Morrowind, NWN, Baldur's Gate, D&D, etc)
5. St. Catherine's
6. Wicked (the musical OR the book)
7. Star Trek (TNG or Voyager)
8. Firefly/Serenity
9. Casanova (2005 BBC miniseries... surprise me~)
10. Original fiction (just as long as I've already met your characters)

Just a top ten, there are more fandoms I've played, watched or read, of course, so if there's anything you got and you think I know and love it too, then throw it out in your comment. :)
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The following is mainly meant for people at Elfpath, but I write it here because there's no such thing as LJ-cuts on the forum there.

Comments disabled because I threw it open to the public.

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